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My goal is to help you make the maximum positive impression
during your audiovisual presentation.

Many people think that learning the bells and whistles of PowerPoint will make them a better presenter.

It won’t.  Fancy fades and animations only look cheesy.

If you’re going to use slide deck software,
understanding how to communicate with audiences using pictures is vital.

Otherwise, you’re better off not using the software.

Self-help books don’t cost hundreds of dollars each. Why should an eCourse?

Sales experts advised me to charge exorbitant fees for this information, but I’d rather make it affordable for everyone… especially in these turbulent economic times.

To arrive at a price, I simply averaged the cost of some of my favorite books
on this topic, which I reference in the eCourse itself:

Move Story Boards book
Book 2
The Visual Display of Quantitative Information book
Confessions of a Public Speaker book


For this website, I became an Amazon affiliate program member. This means that my links to Amazon products earn me a commission, but don’t cost you anything extra.

I only recommend books that I believe in, and they are provided solely for the convenience of those who want a deeper dive into the subject matter.

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