My name is Daniel Doggett and I am a filmmaker based in Austin, Texas.  Much of my time behind the camera is spent producing educational video imagery for clients and subject matter experts (SMEs) that require digital training curricula.  Similarly, I’ve edited hundreds of hours of recorded presentation footage wherein speakers utilize slide deck software such as PowerPoint.  

A good filmmaker has an eye on the audience for every step of the narrative development process.  This orientation within the context of education-based public speaking has granted me a unique perspective on how the average person relates to the audience using pictures.  

Most SMEs are intensely focused only on their area of expertise, and not on the receptivity or alertness of the audience.  Combined with the approach to slide deck design I most often see, which simply drops bullet points and clip art onto an arbitrary background theme, this results in a very low attentiveness and information retention by that audience.  

With this course, I hope to adapt for everyday users of slide deck software the strategies and approaches that audiovisual specialists in the fields of journalism and motion pictures themselves use in order to keep audiences engaged and, most importantly, learning.

Dan in Texas

The author (left) with his dog and partner at Colorado Bend State Park in Texas.